Are you happy with where you are at right now or do you want to create something different? Do you know what you want your life to look like? If not, using vision boards and/or vision books is a powerful way to get really clear on what you want. They’re a great way of immersing yourself in your passions. hopes and dreams. The idea being that living within an environment surrounded by these experiences will help them to become reality. Trust us, it can work, you may not be sure exactly how, but pretty soon that short story you wanted to write will be right in front of you on the screen, finished and ready to publish.

How do vision boards and books work?

Instead of writing down what you want to achieve, as you do on a bucket list, a vision board or book helps you to capture your dreams in picture form. Christine Kane provides some excellent insight into the different types of vision board you may want to create. You may want a vision of what you’re certain you want to achieve. You may be unsure of what you want to experience and your board may be more aspirational. You can also capture images on a particular theme, such as where you want to travel to and the things you want to experience.

Vision board or vision book?

You may be wondering whether you should create a vision board or vision book. The answer is that it’s the process and pictures that are important, not the medium. One thing that strikes us is that having a vision book enables you to be immersed in the images wherever you are, not just in the space where you have created a vision board. Maybe you want to think about having both, using the same images or different pictures representing the same themes.

Get creative

All you need to do is get to it. Grab a blank board or book, a ton of magazines filled with pictures and a glue stick. You don’t need scissors, you can just tear it’s more fun. Before you start you need to relax and calm your mind, so you can focus. A great way of helping you achieve focus is a music playlist. You may already be well versed on how to create one, but if you’re not just take a look at this video. Not only will you feel more relaxed listening to your favourite tracks, it’s been suggested that listening to certain songs can affect your state of mind and make you more productive. Smithsonian Magazine covered the subject in an interview with Galina Mindlin, in 2012.

Once you’ve got your utensils and your music you’re all set. Just go through the magazines, rip out the pictures that apply to the experiences you want to have and place them where you feel they should be, on your board or in your book. Once they’re positioned, glue them in. As you live your life surrounded by these images you will open up your mind to those experiences and you will be far more likely to achieve them.

Share your boards and books with us here or on Facebook, and don’t forget to tell us when those images come to life for you.